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New Mercy Groups & Courses

We have different kinds of groups at New Mercy. Each group is designed to deepen your life and discipleship in different ways. Please read the descriptions to see which groups you'd like to participate in.

If you want to make some friends and do life together, these groups are for you. They are designed for community, fellowship, and prayer. They typically meet twice a month for 2 to 3 hours.

Developing as a disciple involves growing in different areas of our life and faith. Our courses are designed to help you grow as a follower of Christ. Courses are broken up into three categories: The Basics, Discipleship Level 1 (Development), and Discipleship Level 2 (Ministry and Leadership). Courses will be offered throughout the year on a trimester basis. Each group runs anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks.

Spring/Summer Semester

Reading the Bible as a Disciple

Learn to read the Bible in a way that will help you grow as a disciple. This 5-week course will give you the tools you need to go deeper into God's Word on your own.

Tuesdays, 8pm - June 21st (5-weeks)

Fall/Winter Semester

Discovering Your True Self as a Disciple | Discipleship Level 1

Self-knowledge is critical to our development as disciples. It impacts every aspect of our lives from our mood to our relationships to how we serve God. In this course, we will do a deep dive into discovering the various aspects of our individual selves. In addition to using tools from psychology and theology, we will seek to hear from God who we are now, how he sees us, and what we need to do next to become the self God wants us to become

Tuesdays, 8pm - September 27th (7-weeks)

Discipleship Accountability Group - Interest Form

For those interested in participating in discipleship accountability groups as members, please register below:

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